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"My" new game!

2011-08-16 11:15:30 by bob

Thanks to the blood, sweat and tears of Richie Zirbes, there is now a game up about part of my job here at Newgrounds:

Bob's Busy Boxing Business

While I had no part in its actual creation, I did help beta test and was able to make a few helpful suggestions.

Well, time to go ship some more boxes now. Join me by shipping some virtually.

2011-06-30 10:52:24 by bob

It's the Silicon Valley's darling startup and recent Internet craze...

It's currently operating as a private beta right now, but if you're friends with Tim, myself, or Richie Zirbes on Facebook, you'll be automatically allowed in. Not just to our room but any room you want as long as we're actively DJing. Once allowed in you can come and go as you please.

If you'd like to spin with us and chat, we'll be in here all day: Even if you don't want to chat in our room, take advantage of the opportunity to give this a whirl. It's a lot of fun.

Another figure is here!

2011-04-06 16:40:53 by bob

Can you guess which one?

Notice anything different between the photo below and the one I posted previously?

If you do, that should give you a five second advantage over anyone who clicks for the answer.

Another figure is here!

King Figure has arrived

2011-03-02 11:50:32 by bob

If I had a nickel for every time someone emailed or PMed me about when we were going to start carrying the King Figurine in the NG Store... I'd have a lot of nickels.

Well, it's here. I just slipped you the link in the previous paragraph. I know, pretty sneaky right? I bet no-one even clicked that link. Well go ahead, click it. I promise it won't bite. It won't load in another window, so you'll have to come back here after you've been whisked away to the magical fairyland that is our delicious store -- and I know to some of you that might feel like a bite -- but I promise you I'll be here when you get back.

Go ahead, click it.

I dare you.

Also, I lied about being here when you get back. Now scram.

P.S. All the other figures are also back in stock, in case you care.

King Figure has arrived

Dr. Fetus is back in shirt form!

2011-01-25 12:36:15 by bob

It was another of our good ol' fashioned gentlemanly wagers between Tom and me.

He was all "Dude, they'd totally sell now that the game is released." And I was all "No way, man, people love the cartoon-y Meat Boy paraphernalia. This one's cool, but it's not cute."

It went back and forth for a while, then finally Tom goes, "Plus, they're on American Apparel!" To which I replied, "Exactly." We each screamed, "exactly!" a few times, each progressively louder until it finally came to blows. (I don't know about you guys, but my boss can really take a punch.) Getting back to my original point though, we finally came to a bloody agreement that I only dislike American Apparel because I'm a giant fatty who feels the world is better off without seeing my man boobs protrude through thinner -- albeit much softer -- fabric. But to each his own.

So there you have it, Dr. Fetus shirts back in stock! Soft, velvety, svelte American Apparel shirts with your favorite middle-finger-giving doctor in all his anorexic glory.

Go grab one because we only ordered a few to start.

Dr. Fetus is back in shirt form!

Yo yo yo.

Sorry, I take those "yo"s back, they're a little out of character.

Anyway, after hemming and hawing for a few months over whether we wanted to redesign our Logo Shirts, we decided to finally just order some more of the old version already. So for the first time in over a year, we have medium, black, NG Logo Shirts in stock.

As a side note, Tom and I go back and forth over whether we've reached the point at which no one wants a design anymore. So if you love Tom, help prove him right and order one of these shirts. Until then, I'll be over here laughing at him (...on the inside, what am I, crazy? He could end up being right...).

Next up we have the popular-once-upon-a-time Tankmen Chase Shirts. They were selling like hotcakes until we got down to nothing but XL, 2XL, and 3XL in stock. Who knew that NG fans are such a svelte bunch? So to help sell those last EIGHT triple-ex-ell shirts we went ahead and bolstered our stock with all the other sizes finally. It also helps that this was our most popular in-house design ever. Good job, Jeff.

Rudderow... OUT.

(I take that back, too.)

Knight Keychain for sale

2010-12-17 17:16:41 by bob

We have a new item in the store, straight from the fine folks at The Behemoth:

Knight Helmet Keychain

Some trivia for you: one of the photos was taken by none other than Bryce Milburn (I'll let you figure out which one), and one of the photos -- as usual -- features the next store item that we'll be carrying.

Knight Keychain for sale

Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market: Penicorns on Sale!

2010-12-10 15:10:17 by bob

I will be at the Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market tomorrow (Saturday, December 11th) selling two of our naughty store items: The Magical Penicorn plush toy ($15) and the All You Need Is Lube poster ($3).

[ If you print out this post and bring it with you, you can buy your first Penicorn for only $5. Even with the price of admission you save $7 ($15 - $10 + $3 admision = $8)! ]

There will be 249 other tables selling other stuff, like old records, clothes, art, music, food, junk, bicycles, stereo equipment, instruments, automobiles, tools, posters, furniture, computers, and skateboards. This is a great place to get all your Xmas shopping taken care of.

Admission is a mere $3 donation and supports R5 Productions, a group dedicated to ensuring that all-ages concerts remain a reality at "alternative venues" around Philadelphia.

Here are all the nitty-gritty details:

Saturday December 11th 10:00am to 5:00pm
At The Punk Rock Flea Market Dome (461 N 9th Street - Right Across From The Starlight Ballroom)
Just south of the intersection of 9th and Spring Garden
All Ages To Enter / 250+ Vendors / Reentry all day long !
$3 Admission Donation

Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market: Penicorns on Sale!

Just a little store addition...

2010-11-19 14:33:19 by bob

It's the eminently squeezable Squeezy Chicken!

Completely freak out, then calm back down, then head right over and buy one. We only have 35 available and who knows when The Behemoth will bless us with another shipment.

Just a little store addition...

The Merch March Marches On

2010-10-15 16:24:46 by bob

New store items this week!

I'll spare you the extra clicking and tell you what they are. They're cell phone charms from the fantastic crew over at The Behemoth: t/giraffey-charm-pack t/chicken-charm-pack t/pazzo-charm-pack

We also have squeezy chickens and knight keychains coming down the line. The main holdup is taking photos of all this stuff, but I've got so much to do -- like celebrating my birthday twice -- that two days of photography is something I avoid like the plague.

One last note, my ear makes its debut in the store:

The Merch March Marches On