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Rice Pirate is awesome!

This is a test review. I loved the movie though!

this is awesome

... and epic!

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Possibly the greatest idea for a game ever.

Scratch that, this IS the greatest idea for a game ever.

It also had a stellar cast.

Awesome concept and execution.

It could use a little more testing though. Some levels are beatable multiple ways, which I don't think was the intention.

Level 11 is wrong.

6 x 3 = 18. 18 / 2 = 9. 9 - 1 = 8.

So please tell me why 18 is "TOO BIG"?

This arbitrary restriction on how I chose to solve the level really turned me off from an otherwise pretty neat idea. There is nothing more frustrating than figuring out a level only to have a programming error not allow my solution.

It wasn't just level 11 either. There was an earlier level where I knew that no matter which numbers I killed first, I'd still have a "times zero" as the last equation. Yet even though the final equation worked out, and even displayed 0 = 0, I was unable to pass. I should have known then that the attention to detail was lacking.

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perfect for my flash!

I'm using this in my flash submission, and I can't wait to release it!

I only used the beginning part, though. It became too elevator-y at the end when I just wanted the funky bass and the bowm-chica-wowm-wowm.

sorohanro responds:

Glad that you found it useful.

I can't get enough

I can't stop listening to this goddamn song! It's clever, well produced and funny as all heck. Normally this folksy stuff is boring, but damn I'm hooked!

Reachground responds:

Hey Bob!

Happy to have inspired you. And...I agree ;)

i guess...

I'm a fan of your other stuff, my only fear is that people will not use the song in their Flash without knowing better, credit you, and people will accuse everyone of stealing the song. :(

Still... if it's your voice, then WOW. I guess there should be a "covers" genre on NG....

Jazza responds:

yeah i know what you mean. and i DID contact tom about submitting covers.

he said:
I'm cool with cover songs, although we should probably find a way to tag cover songs so that Flash artists aren't as encouraged to use them in their submissions, in case there ever is an issue with them.

still, glad the NG staff keep an eye on it!! :)
and thanks for the compliments bro, really means alot to me

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Reminds me of Wendy's "wendy" character.

And she's sexier than I remember. :)

This is some hot shit, right here.

The final portraits are hung in a place of honor in our office. I've watched the "making of" video literally five times so far. This was a work of brilliance.


you can delete this review. want to see if images have reviews capped at 100. this should be review #101.

this used to be my playground...

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