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this used to be my playground...

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password problem

i created my account when a four letter password was acceptable. now that the passwords must be a atleast six letters i can not change anything. i have not run into a problem with logging on mostly because i have checked to "stay jacked in" or w/e it is, but i first encountered a problem when trying to sign up to get emails about new movies and games. when trying to click submit after filling in my info the site informed me that passwords must be 6+ letters. when trying to change my password i couldnt because when i clicked submit my password wasnt 6+ letters... please help?

yeah, simple: choose a new password.

before it is totally bald, you must shave it into a mohawk, so then it will be a fro-hawk.

k sry for that

will do.

Why shave?

lol nappy headed ho comment. Keep the afro. Compareit with afro-ninja :D

Alright then, I'm a big techno fan.... aftet the site changed i go to the techno genre and i can't flip through the pages.... help me out man

how's that working for you now? :P


everyone has the same audio batting average... 4.19....

its weird....

I don't seem to be seeing any jaggled text?

well im useing fire fox 3 so whatever i dunno what you are using

Just a minor issue, but why aren't the Portal emails being sent

Some questions:

1) What are your intentions regarding the Pop-up link for watching videos. I much prefer this system since the new flash "window" locks the active tab until the video window is closed, seems to prevent pre-loaders from appearing properly, and prevents me from downloading the video for future perusal without having to hit up the server every time.

2) Any thoughts on an improved performance mode? Running this new redesign on a P3 1.13 GHZ machine on a mid-level DSL line during a recent vacation was slow to load, sluggish to respond, and generally a pain in the ass. Give me a way to download less and have the smooth animations disabled (just snap open and closed) or you're probably going to lose some users with lower-end machines.

3) Can you guys manually set the text color on these textboxes? Using a dark skin (dark background, light text) using either a customized Windows XP default skin or using Windowblinds make writing in these textboxes nearly impossible. I've had to switch basic to the boring basic Windows XP skin just to write this comment.

Totally forgot this, but the Newgrounds secrets you get for earning experience don't work anymore. I just get the new 404 page. I want my cake damnit!

the pages were you watch movies or play games is to long for my screen and when i scroll down it follows the screen. So i can't click or read things below it.

Hi there Bob. I wanted to share something. I dont really consider it a bug, but I think the following definitely needs some changing. When writing a review, the score is automaticly set to 0. Now, Im sure there are many others like me here that forget to set scores when they write a review. And I dont want to give people zeros for nothing. I would like to get a warning message or something in that direction?

Or even better would be if newgrounds would set up an editing feature. For forumposts, reviews, flash and music icons, and even music itsself to be edited. Maybe even deleting options?^-^

Anyway, I did my share(:
- Whirlguy

Hi Bob new Bugs i found on Wades Profile the Letters are rumbled on the pages ... i take many shot and heres the link

<a href="http://bantilan.freehostia.com/official/bugss.JPG">http://bantilan.freehostia.com/offici al/bugss.JPG</a>

hum... I can't see any header on the site...
flash or image

I'm not shure but I think it began before the redesing, so the problem may be from my system...

I've got 2 bugs:

1. when you set the volume on the audioplayer and then change where the position slider is, the volume gets reset to 100.

2. sometimes bytesize won't load a movie when clicking back or fowards, you just get static.

yo bob when i try to submit a movie it says you have ben banned for submitting 2 movie in the past week that have ben blammed i submitted those 2 months ago

The &quot;points until level&quot; are still bugged, they dont recognize the next level, heres what i got:

With that vote, you now have 4,445 experience points. You need -5 more to get to Level 21. The next Grounds Gold day begins in 22 hours, 9 minutes, and 45 seconds

when im already lvl 21, so yeah, fixed one problem and created another, im glad i finished the only programming im ever gonna do last year :3



When I am on the rankings page, when I try to view other types of rankings, it pulls up an error page.

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